Simalungun Weaving Centre

Pulang Kampung Ethic


The villages in North Sumatra have been bled of their resources and are suffering as a result. This project entails collaboration between those with more financial resources and those in the village upon whom rests the onus to perpetuate the culture, but who are poor in a financial sense. The idea here is, by way of donations, to ensure that the people in the village have enough to revive their weaving culture.


The central figures in this revival experiment are:

  • Lasma Sitanggang - an enthusiastic, trustworthy, energetic, thoughtful and talented young woman living in the village
  • Sandra Niessen - a stubborn anthropologist who wants to 'give back' to the culture that gave her her career

There are numerous other people associated with the Weaving Centre:

  • advisors
  • weavers young and old
  • donors
  • friends

For further information on the Simalungun Weaving Centre go to:

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If you would like to discuss (or donate to) the Simalungun Seaving Centre, please contact Sandra Niessen using the Contact Form on this website.