Simalungun Weaving Centre

Timeline of Developments



  • purchase of 12 contiguous plots of land in the village measuring, in total, 30 x 54 m.
  • well drilled 60 m. deep
  • Lasma and Ma Tika learned about indigo dye production from Pak Fatah in Tumanggung, Java
  • CSR presentation to KOTRA, Jakarta
  • legal framework for a Simalungun Weaving Foundation constructed in The Netherlands
  • participation in a weaving demonstration in Pematang Siantar 


  • January: Proyek Hiou Parlobei/ First Textile Project started with donations from friends of the Centre
  • February: construction begun on a Weaving Atelier and Homestay
  • March: Lasma Sitanggang marries Ober Damanik

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