Simalungun Weaving Centre

Weaving Centre Projects


1. First Textile/Hiou Parlobei

  • This project was developed when Lasma pointed out to Sandra that there are young women willing to learn to weave but unable to begin because they can't afford yarn, a loom or instruction costs.
  • Sandra polled people who have expressed an interest in the Simalungun Weaving Centre and received generous support for seed funding for weavers.
  • The project is set up such that the weaver receives a subsidy to cover the costs of yarn, loom, instruction and also the finished product. The donor receives a finished product within 2 years.
  • The project indirectly supports the teachers, loom-makers and Lasma's administrative work.

2. Market Fund

  • To participate in markets, we need to build up stock.
  • To support weavers, they need to receive more than their weavings can fetch on the market.
  • The market fund was set up to meet both of these needs. We purchase the textiles woven by good weavers and thereby build up stock for market sales. We hope that by selling the products at higher end markets, we will be able to continually replenish the fund. 

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